Have you recently been looking for something? Let’s say furniture. Do you remember how much time it took from the moment you knew you need something to finding it? Getting through the available data, quantity of information overshadowing its quality and the agony of choice became one of the biggest predicaments of our times.
Well, until now because Shablo knows how to solve this problem. And we don’t only guide you through data to help you find what you are really looking for, but we also discuss it with you. We see you as a person that has something to say and not a number on a website that should be spied on with fancy and elaborate analytic tools.
Why us:We are early stage start up with a very ambitious mission. Product we’re building is based on ongoing scientific research, that we are coordinating. It won’t be easy, but challenging the status quo never should be easy. We are international team with the variety of backgrounds.

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