Magnesita is a leading company in the South American market and the third greatest refractory company in the world. It produces more than 13 thousand types of refractories and supplies the main steel plants in the world.

Magnesita is a private company, with coed capitals, runned by GP Investments and RHÔNE. Nowadays, it has 7,500 employees and 28 units in the world – sixteen in Brazil, three in Germany, three in China, one in the U.S., two in France, one in Belgium, one in Taiwan and one in Argentina – with refractory production capacity over 1.4 million tons per year.

The wide range of refractory materials includes monolithic materials, conventional bricks, noble ceramics that line equipments operating in high temperatures, among many others. Magnesita supplies not only the main steel plants, but also a large amount of glass and cement’s plants throughout the world.

Besides the diverse raw material exportation, such as the sintered magnesia and the refractories, Magnesita started in 2009 – mainly with the purchase of LWB in September, 2008 – the exportation of solutions based on leaked steel model or CPP (cost per performance). It is a business model in which the payment is directly linked to the customer’s performance and not, as the usual practice in the market, that pays per volume (in tons) of solded refractories. This South America benchmark model has been used in steel plants in U.S

Magnesita aims to become the greatest refractory company in the world in 2012.
It takes advantage of one of the largest deposits of magnesite and refractory dolomite, which has the highest quality in the world. Besides this, the company prospects other mineral deposits, which includes chromite and diverse clays throughout Brazil. Magnesita is able to make use of the majority of its raw material in refractories production, becoming, therefore, one of the manufacturers with lower costs in the industrial segment.

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