Carbone Lorraine Electrical Applications


Carbone Lorraine Electrical Applications, an expert in power and signal transmission solutions, working with leading manufacturers and users of rotating electrical machinery.

We can satisfy  a variety of different requirements thanks to a wide range of engineering solutions (brushes, brush-holders, slip ring sets, signal transfer systems and sliding contacts) for :

  • transportation: aerospace, rail transportation, cranes, lifts, lift trucks...
  • energy production: wind farms, thermal, hydraulic and nuclear power stations, mines, off-shore platforms...
  • processing industries: metallurgy, paper mills, cement works, plastic, packaging and wrapping manufacturers...

We control the entire life cycle of our products (development, manufacture of materials, product design, quality control, distribution, technical expertise and training) and offer our customers reliable, innovative systems.

We work with our suppliers as partners with dedication and enthusiasm to improve the performance of our customers’ applications. This solution-orientated approach allows us to develop the innovative solutions today to meet the market developments of tomorrow.

With over 30 sites in compliance with ISO quality and environmental standards worldwide, we share our experiences to deliver technical expertise on an international level.

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